Contest design on Instagram

Contest design on Instagram

As you know, one of the most exciting events that happens on Instagram is undoubtedly Contest design on Instagram. This will have a lot of impact on the development of the page because people usually welcome Instagram contests a lot. Getting more and more pages will greatly increase the page followers.

Contest design on Instagram

Well, now we need to know how to design an Instagram contest ?!

To do this, you must consider the following:

  • What is the purpose of designing a contest on Instagram?
  • How can a person compete?
  • How are the winners determined?
  • Announcement of the winner publicly

The purpose of the Instagram contest :

In designing an Instagram contest, the goal is more important than anything.
You need to know your audience and their tastes to be able to identify which posts you like or publish. In addition, you should aim to hold a contest on Instagram (gain followers, recognition, etc.) Specify.

How to participate in the competition :

Usually in designing a contest on Instagram, organizers ask users to send them a photo. But if you want to look different, you have to use different and new methods:

  • Consider a specific image or video and ask your audience to post it with the hashtag you want on Instagram.
  • Ask your audience to write about you and tag your page in their post.
  • Ask your audience to like one or more of your posts.
  • Ask them to mention their friends in the comments of one of the posts. (Keep in mind that they mention real people and do not mention celebrities or fake pages.)
  • After Contest design on Instagram , ask the visitors of the post you are posting to follow only you.
  • And …

Identify winners:

This is mainly done in two ways:

  • Lottery
  • Use the jury

Announcement of the winner publicly

After the date of the contest on Instagram, remember to determine the winner fairly according to the rules you have set and introduce it in the form of a post or story. It is recommended that you publish a document even if you can deliver the prize to him.

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