Disable Instagram comment

How to close an Instagram comment

Instagram started its work as a software in the field of social media, but in the last few years we have witnessed its increasing growth, so that today it is one of the economic hubs of the world. The ability to leave a comment was available to users of this social network from the beginning, but disabling Instagram comments is a feature that has just been provided

Learn how to disable Instagram comments

It may be needed for any reason so that users can not comment on a post.

Disabling Instagram comments is a way to easily prevent this. Filter the ones you have already mentioned and block the submission of new comments.

Learn how to disable Instagram comments for regular posts

You can close comments both when posting and after posting.

How to close an Instagram comment
Disable Instagram comment

When sending a post on Instagram, after selecting the desired photo or video and applying changes related to color filter and light editing, etc., you will be transferred to the section related to writing captions, tags and locations. In this section, first touch the Advanced Settings option and to disable the comment, enable the Turn Off Commenting option and then publish the post.

Learn how to disable Instagram comments on igtv videos

Disable Instagram comment
Disable Instagram comment

You can not disable the ability to post comments when posting igtv video.

To do this, after posting the video, enter the comments section and touch the three-dot symbol related to the settings and activate the Turn Off Commenting option.

In this section, the ability to filter words is also provided. Touch Choose words to hide and turn on the Hide offensive comments item. This will prevent comments that have previously been reported as spam from being re-inserted under your posts. Additionally, you can enable the Manual filter option and type in the words you want to filter in the comments section to be filtered. You must separate words or phrases with a comma.

You can also find these settings in Setting> Privacy> Comments.

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