Instagram algorithm in 2020

Instagram algorithm in 2020

Since many businesses today are dealing with Instagram, and a large portion of their revenue may be generated this way, any change in Instagram and its algorithms will directly affect these businesses. In this regard, we try to guide you in this article to better understand the Instagram algorithm in 2020.

Instagram algorithm in 2020

Your relationships

As you know, Instagram Explorer page is personalized.
This means that this page is constantly changing depending on your activities and the people you interact with, or even the topics you follow.

Analyze your past behavior

Your interests are also among the topics that are reviewed by Instagram.
For example, when you pause on one more cake photo and there are several liked cake photos in your Instagram history, you will immediately see any other new similar photo in your feed and explorer.

Get a blue tick

For some time now, we have been witnessing a rumor that according to Instagram’s new algorithm, getting a blue tick will cause more likes and comments, and in general, more feedback if Instagram has explicitly violated this issue and said Is .

The effect of advertising

Never forget the effect of Instagram ads.
Targeted advertising is one of the best ways to attract real Instagram favors, and the new Instagram algorithm understands this as the algorithm moves more and more towards humanization to have a human-like rational intelligence.

Content production

Instagram algorithm in 2020, depending on how much each user interacts with your post or pauses for a few seconds on your post, decides how much to republish you.
Do not neglect after producing content.

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