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All about Instagram Feed

In Instagram, the first place you enter is the main page, or Home, which is called the feed.

On the main page or the Feed, you can see the posts and stories of the people you followed and react to their posts and stories.

Feed or Feed Post on Instagram

The meaning of both words is the same. It means that you can upload content in the feed section.

In the Instagram feed section, you can also post carousel or slide posts. Your content can be either a photo or a video or a combination of both.

Delete or archive low quality photos and videos

You may have taken a low quality photo of your product and posted it.

Now you want to delete or archive that post so that your followers do not see that post. Now let’s review how to delete or archive the post.

1- One of the tasks in Instagram Feed is Archive

Archiving a post is very easy. To do this, just do the opposite.

Open the desired post and click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click the Archive option to archive your post.

what's istagram feed

instagram feed

Now to restore the post from the archive, we do the following steps:

instagram feed

instagram feed

instagram feed

2. Another thing in the Instagram Feed is Delete

To delete a post, follow the steps above in the photo, and after clicking on the three dots, select Delete and your post will be deleted forever.

what's istagram feed

instagram feed

In this article, we have taught you how to delete or archive a post. To learn this method, do it practically once.

Important Note: To do this, be sure to archive the post so that your photo or video is in Instagram memory. If you delete, the information will not be accessible at all.

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