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Disable Instagram comment

How to close an Instagram comment

Instagram started its work as a software in the field of social media, but in the last few years we have witnessed its increasing growth, so that today it is one of the economic hubs of the world. The ability to leave a comment was available to users of this social network from the beginning, […]

Instagram story size

Instagram story size It’s amazing that we can share our images with each other during this time. It was only a few years ago that we were connected to the internet at a very low speed, but now if a photo is loaded just a few seconds later, it will bother us.Instagram can be boldly […]

The importance of buying a follower

The importance of buying a follower

Today, Instagram has become a large social network. In this social network, people are present both for fun and entertainment, as well as for business and sales, and this means that a large statistical community is in front of you to use it and earn money for yourself.You need to consider the importance of buying […]

Instagram algorithm in 2020

Instagram algorithm in 2020

Since many businesses today are dealing with Instagram, and a large portion of their revenue may be generated this way, any change in Instagram and its algorithms will directly affect these businesses. In this regard, we try to guide you in this article to better understand the Instagram algorithm in 2020. Instagram algorithm in 2020 […]

Copy the caption on Instagram

how to copy instagram captions

Ever wanted to copy the caption of an Instagram post but couldn’t? On Instagram, it is possible for users to share their favorite texts with others under video content. But due to the limitations of Instagram, it is not possible to copy the caption on Instagram. But if we need to copy the caption, what […]

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